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Stories: Real Life

Avoiding Accidents & Injuries

These real incidents show how relaxation and improved reflexes from martial arts training can save people from serious injuries. These principles apply even to car accidents we can face at any time.

I recall playing racquetball in Manhattan on my company team. We were all watching from the second floor, overlooking the court. There was a seating area with an opening to clearly see the action. I was just talking to my friend as one player served the ball. While I was distracted, the ball ricocheted off the other player's racket.

Avoiding Accidents

There was an eerie silence, as if the entire room suddenly stopped breathing. I looked down at the court and saw the ball hurtling towards my right eye at top speed. "Oh," I thought knowing it could take my right eye out of the socket, "I guess I should move my head." So I did, about an inch or two to the left.

The ball singed the top of my right ear, and bounced off several walls behind me. I turned to try to get the ball and give it back to the players, but someone else got there first. I leaned back over the opening so I could watch the next serve.

Everyone in the room just stared at me. I didn't understand. Then someone uttered under their breath, "I guess that's what happens when you are a black belt..."

A Lifestyle with Lower Risks of Injury

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

Learn by Testing in a Controlled Environment and Applying to Real World Example

What We Learn Through Practice:
  1. 3 most important principles: attention, attention and attention
  2. Best way to get injured: think you can never get injured
  3. Other best way to get injured: be terrified of getting injured
  4. Don't drink, but if you do, remember rule #2
Avoiding Auto Fatalities (NHTSA data)
  1. 31% Drunk Driving - see rule #4. Why would you drive if drunk?
  2. 28% Speeding - rule #1-3. Pay attention, don't act recklessly, be calm in emergency.
  3. 12% Distracted - rule #1. Need we say more?
  4. 2% Drowsy - rule #1-2. Know you are drowsy and take proper precautions.
  5. Est 14,955 lives saved by wearing belts. Rule #2 - why would you not wear one?
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