Comparing Martial Arts

Looking at the Alternatives

Know Thyself

The thread that connects all people is their wish to live and be happy. The genius of traditional martial arts is that through mental discipline, one practice can achieve both goals equally.

How do you choose a martial art if you don't know what you are looking for?

It is not possible to choose the martial art that will best provide the benefits you seek, if you haven't taken inventory of what you wish to accomplish. The first step in this process is to understand why you are interested in training; a process likely to evolve and deepen as you continue to train.

Martial arts are known not as merely a form of physical exercise or fighting, but as a way of life. The emphasis is in the understanding of profound principles. Ordinarily, as we pursue any goal we choose, we typically sow the seeds of our own defeat even as we strive for success. Following principles enables us to cleanse the self defeating tendencies from our approach and maximize our efficiency to achieve success in our goals. This is especially true in martial arts training.

MMA vs Traditional Martial Arts

Some people train very hard physically for many years, but the fundamental points of training never seep in.
A contemporary martial system, rooted in televised media and lacking a lineage is not a likely place to discover the principles of martial arts.
Without principles even with every success comes a failure.

Obtaining benefits: MMA vs traditional martial arts

Examples: Why Choose a Martial Art

Example: Why Choose Tai Chi
Emphasis on Health
Example: Why Choose Aikido
Defense without Harming

Comparing Alternative Martial Arts

"Martial arts are not about fighting. It is a way of life." - Bruce Lee. Only when martial arts are a way of life can the benefits you seek can be achieved.

Other martial arts emphasizing striking

Other martial arts emphasizing grappling/weapons