Comparing Karate to Kung Fu/Tai Chi

Karate Evolved from Shaolin Kung Fu

Karate Training

A Karate master was asked what is the best martial art. He named a different martial art. His student asked, "then why do you teach Karate?" He said, "I'm in it for the victim." Karate is truly as good as any other martial art. He was explaining the type of person who would be inclined to practice karate.

Chojun Miyagi
Chojun Miyagi
Karate originated from Shaolin Kung Fu in China via the Okinawan Islands. Shotokan Karate first entered mainland Japan in the 20 century by Funakoshi Sensei. A typical Karate class in Westchester may include stretching, basics, katas or forms, some application and sparring. One studies the Karate katas to learn “the secrets” themselves, and develop skills for self-defense. Karate emphasizes powerful strikes to disable an attacker initially, and later teaches how to control the attacker without harm. Generally, the emphasis in Karate is external (hard) power, as opposed to the internal (soft) power from Tai Chi. Karate uses a broad variety of weapons to complement empty handed practice. Modern styles of Karate may include Shotokan, Goju, etc. Exercise is often aerobic.

Karate Classes in Westchester, NY: Availability

Karate classes are available in our space in Scarsdale. Elsewhere in Westchester NY, Karate is available in Mount Vernon, Rye and Elmsford. Additional availability may be found in Yonkers, White Plains and New Rochelle for the lower Westchester region.