Comparing Krav Maga to Kung Fu/Tai Chi

Krav Maga was Developed for Self Defense in Nazi Germany

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“I began fighting anti-Semitism in the ’30s. When the Hitler youth gangs used to single out Jewish young men on the streets, it was either hit or run. I found the hitting more satisfying.” - Imi Lichtenfeld, Krav Maga Founder - “Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.”

Krav Maga Founder: Imi Lictenfeld
Krav Maga Founder: Imi Lictenfeld
Martial arts are ordinarily perceived within the context of an Asian mystique. They focus on discipline and philosophy, building positive human character and contributing to a better community. The question is whether Krav Maga, the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, also fits the definition of a martial art, as opposed to a mere self defense system.

To answer this question, we first need to be cognizant of the differences between a full martial art and a mere self defense system. Self defense is nothing more than a series of physical movements used to protect oneself from harm. Martial arts, on the other hand, include a sense of discipline to guide the practitioner to become a better human being.

In order to answer this question, one need look no further than the fundamentals of Krav Maga as described by its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld: “don't get hurt, be humble, and conduct yourself properly (with dignity) - reach proficiency so you won't have to take lives.” Further, not only did the Krav Maga founder use these methods to defend people from Nazi assaults in Eastern Europe and Arab-Israeli wars, but he generalized the techniques and included them in the education system for Israeli children. Clearly Krav Maga well fits the martial arts model of improving human character and contributing positively to the community.

Krav Maga Self Defense Classes in Westchester, NY: Availability

Krav Maga classes are limited in Westchester County, NY. They appear largely absent from the major cities of Yonkers, White Plains and New Rochelle. Krav Maga centers do exist in NYC, however.