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Stories: Real Life

Emergency & Difficult Problems

These real incidents show how relaxation and proper grounding from martial arts training provide calmness and clarity when facing major emergencies & difficult problems in life.

At age 26, I found myself as the primary caregiver for my father, who suffered from early onset Alzheimer's disease. My mother already passed away and responsibility fell on my shoulders. But I also found myself with a cancer diagnosis. So the question arose, who would die first, my father or me. And if it was me, how was I supposed to make sure his care was properly administered?

Why We Train

Having trained in martial arts for roughly 10 years, my first reaction to any crisis was to relax. Look around, see what is happening and make proper decisions. I did not know exactly how things would work out, but I was not dying right at that instant so I had opportunities to make improvements.

My first act was to prioritize my life rationally. In order to fulfill my objectives, the first thing I needed to do was live. I knew I would never feel right about myself if I didn't take proper care of my father, so that was my second priority. Third was to continue to work and earn a living.

Every day I work up, did everything I needed to give myself the best chance of survival. Then I made sure my father was properly cared for by myself or someone in my limited support network. After that, I dedicated any remaining effort to doing a good job. Go to sleep...wake up...repeat as necessary.

As the weeks and months wore on, I found myself surviving, and taking very good care of my father. I faced several threats of being fired as there were periods where my work was less than ideal. I simply explained my priorities and told management to do as they felt necessary. Strangely, my supervisor who threatened me, himself was fired. New management did not know quite what to do with my personal history, but they were very happy that my performance finally returned by then to among the best in my company. I have had the opportunity to pass these lessons on to others who have faced similar issues...

In Periods of High Stress, We Can Help

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. - Mark Larson Sensei

Recommendations of Western Medicine and Eastern Philosophy Agree

The Mayo Clinic recommends general stress management methods such as meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, yoga and sports for anxiety. They further recommend continuous engagement in such practices to manage stress on an ongoing basis. Stress management is a key strategy as it can reduce the need for other more invasive or time consuming interventions.

We offer the forms of sitting and moving meditations as recommended by the Mayo Clinic. From the meditative philosophies and practices, true long-term solutions to stress or anxiety evolve and become rooted in your life.

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