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    New Member Introduction

    For new members, welcome to our dojo. This is the portion of the web site that helps keep you up to date on training and dojo events.

    We typically keep people up to date on schedule changes and other issues with an occasional email

    Also, please check the following pages for other information:

    1. Facebook
    2. Vimeo for Videos 
    3. Seminars
    4. TAA Newsletters
    5. Dojo Aikido Blog & Newsletter
    6. Martial Arts Supplies
    7. Cross Training in Kung Fu or Tai Chi, Meditation or Yoga
    8. Test Criteria and Suburi Names
  • Upcoming Adult Exams
    Upcoming Adult Exams

    8/27/22 10:15am

    • 1st kyu: Peter, Andras
    • 2nd kyu: Arshak
    • 3rd kyu: Spencer, Allistair
    • 4th kyu:
    • 5th kyu: Sofia J
    • 6th kyu: Stephen, Ingrid

    Don (informally) can choose between 3rd and 4th


    There is a $5 test fee due prior to the exam.

    Exam criteria is given in the spreadsheet below. Look on the tab for the rank.

  • Upcoming Children's Exams
    Children Eligible to Test After Adequate Preparation in Class

    Date: Jan 12 to Jan 18 2023 (the first class your child attends during this week)

    Fees: certificate = $5; new colored belt = $5

    Exam requirements

    • 1st kyu red 1:
    • 2nd kyu red:
    • 3rd kyu purple 2:
    • 4th kyu purple 1:
    • 5th kyu blue 1:
    • 6th kyu blue: Tess
    • 7th kyu green 1:
    • 8th kyu green: Andreas
    • 9th kyu orange 1: Oliver, Martel, Ali, Deniz, Elan, Elise, Colin
    • 10th kyu orange: Gavin, Claire, Zayna, Kyle, Dylan, Leon, Daniel
    • 11th kyu yellow 2:
    • 12th kyu yellow 1:
    • 14th kyu yellow: Grant
  • Videos & Exam Requirements
    Reference Materials

    Adult Testing Criteria

    Childrens Testing Criteria

    Jo Suburi Names

    Test Videos

    Be sure to visit library study page for Morihiro Saito's Takemusu Aikido and Traditional Aikido series volumes 1 - 5

  • Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

    Our focus on premises should be on training, not paying for classes. For that reason we appreciate your using the below payment methods off premises as much as possible.


    Automated monthly billpay from your bank: Integrated Peace Arts, 122 Crestwood Ave, Yonkers, NY 10707.

    • Google Wallet
    • Zelle
    Checks / Cash

    Of course we accept cash and checks on site.


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