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    Adult Aikido 30 Degree Temp
  • Space
    Adult Aikido Aiki Sword
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    Adult Aikido Defense vs. 3 Attackers
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    Tai Chi 1/3
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    Tai Chi 2/3
  • Space
    Tai Chi 3/3

Indoor Classes


  • Awareness - Staying Home with Emerging Illness
  • Ventilation - Hepa Air Purifiers or Exhaust Fans/Fresh Air

Outdoor Classes

Ridge Road Park

Rain notices:
Check the calendar for updates or text for last minute confirmation.

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Adult Aikido
Class Sampler
Kids Aikido
Class Sampler
Tai Chi
Outdoor Practice
  • Space
    Turn the body/Cross kick with heel
  • Space
    High pat on horse
  • Space
    White snake tongue out
  • Space
    Fold Knee & Ankle
  • Space
    Legs Lift the Hands
  • Space
    Relax Half
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Inquires: (914) 648-0492

Program Price Classes/Week
New Student Specials Free Trail Class Aikido (Adults or Kids) & Tai Chi 21
Aikido Adults $110/Month 14
Aikido Kids 12+ $95/Month 14
Aikido Kids 4 - 12 $95/Month 3-5
Tai Chi Unlimited $100 4
Tai Chi 1x/Week $75/Month Any 1
Yoga Unlimited $104/Month 3-4
Privates $100/Hour
Family Pricing - Adults / Kids Inquire: 50% off yoga, tai chi, aikido
Work Exchange Available
Scholarships/Sliding Scale Available

Payment Methods

Our focus on premises should be on training, not paying for classes. For that reason we appreciate your using the below payment methods off premises as much as possible.


Automated monthly billpay from your bank: Integrated Peace Arts, 122 Crestwood Ave, Yonkers, NY 10707.

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Of course we accept cash and checks on site.


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