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Martial arts should never be taught for the purpose of profits, and the student does not pay for classes with their money. Money merely keeps the doors open so people can train. The student pays for classes with their time and efforts...

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With any communicable illness, stay home

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"Martial arts are not about fighting. It is a way of life." - Bruce Lee. Only when martial arts are a way of life can the benefits you seek can be achieved.

Pricing/Suggested Donation for All Programs

Inquires: (914) 648-0492

Program Price Classes/Week
New Student Specials Free Trail Class Aikido (Adults or Kids) & Tai Chi
Aikido Adults $110/Month 11
Aikido Kids 12+ $95/Month 11
Aikido Kids 4 - 12 $95/Month 3-5
Tai Chi Unlimited $100 4
Tai Chi 1x/Week $75/Month Any 1
Privates $100/Hour
Family Pricing - Adults / Kids Inquire: 50% off tai chi, aikido
Work Exchange Available
Scholarships/Sliding Scale Available
Gift Certificates Recommendation: Choice of this type of program is a personal decision. The gift sends the recipient on a journey to find the program they would like. They take a free trial class (offered by most programs). Where they wish to continue, gift can be purchased at that time.