Writings of Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Selected Poems

"No voice can be heard,
no heart can be seen;
follow the divine
and there will be nothing
to ask of the gods."

O'Sensei - Morehei Ueshiba "The penetrating brilliance of a sword
wielded by a follower of the Way
strikes at the evil enemy
lurking deep within
one's own body and soul."

"I let the deluded enemy
attack my form
but instantly
I stand behind him
and cut down the foe."

Cultivate this virtue
and realize
the profound truth that
the manifest and hidden are one"

"Even when called out
by a single foe
remain on guard
for you are always surrounded
by a host of enemies

--from his 1938 book "Budo"

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