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Key Points Below:

Aikido vs. MMA & Self Defense: Get the most benefit for your child for the least time and money. Learn how.

Aikido vs. Other Traditional Martial Arts: All the benefits of the other martial arts, plus less trouble in school for using it when needed.

Complete Youtube Video Series: Benefits of Martial Arts, the Best Martial Art for You, About Aikido and Tai Chi.

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Aikido vs. MMA and Self Defense Classes for Kids

In selecting a martial arts for your child, the first question you need to answer is what are you looking for?

For exercise, any gym is good.

For self defense against a bully, a quick boxing lesson where they get hit a few times may do the trick.

But what if you are a busy parent and you want them to get exercise, self defense skills and also learn to develop confidence, character, leadership skills through personal development? For this you need traditional martial arts, of which Aikido is one.

Why Aikido as Opposed to Karate or other Traditional Martial Arts?

When most people think of self defense classes for children, the local Karate or Tae Kwon dojo is the first reflex. They will learn confidence, discipline, centering and balance and walk away with sufficient skill to handle the bullies they encounter. However, this knee jerk reaction for children may not be best.

Aikido and these other martial arts all have the same general benefits. But Aikido has one more. The difference lies in a subtle but important distinction in the underlying philosophy. Karate, Tae Kwon Do, many forms of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga all begin by teaching how to disable an attacker. The techniques are harsh and dangerous. When a real combat situation occurs for a child, the excitement and lack of control is exacerbated. Imparting to children how to control their technique under this kind of duress should be reserved only for the most advanced teachers in these forms.

Aikido is a very different martial art. The purpose of Aikido, as developed by the founder, was as a form of practice to bring peace to mankind. The founder's realization was that true Budo (the path of the warrior) is love. Real power in self defense is derived from caring for our fellow human beings, not learning how to break their bones or knock them unconscious. Techniques are not designed to injure or disable the attacker, but to control them so neither you nor the attacker are harmed. As a result, children who train in Aikido are less likely to cause injury to other children and face consequences in school.

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