Aikido Westchester NY: Martial Arts Supplies

We do not offer martial arts supplies to the general public, but only to facilitate training:

Single Weave Judo Gi sizes 3 - 6
Size 3 $48
Size 4 $52
Size 5 $55
Size 6 $59
Iwama Bokken $50
iwama sword
Low End White Oak Jo 50" $20
white oak inexpensive jo

Nine Circles White Oak Jo:
50" $35
54" $40

Martial Arts Suppliers


Large assortment of items (does not specialize in Aikido) at very good prices

Tend to be a little more expensive than Nine Circles.


Iwata, Tozando & California S and P may import Japanese Hakama and have other supplies.


Unfortunately, there do not seem to be any martial arts supply stores in Westchester, so the best we can do is find some in Manhattan:

Has limited but good products at good prices. This is really a dojo, so you should check to see if they are in before you go there.

Not much to say except they are located closest to us in NYC.

Still Mind Aikido Store

Artwork by Mark Larson Sensei

Please note the dojo makes a small profit from any sales, don't think we have a choice but to earn something on this platform.

Most items available in many assorted colors.