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Empowering Women through Self Defense Training

  • Problem with Typical Self Defense Class

    Aikido for Women's Self Defense
    Why Standard Women's Self Defense Classes Don't Work

    Imagine you took a class on how to play tennis--but you never really played. Then about 5 years later, a friend just hands you a tennis racket out of the blue. As soon as the racket touches your hand, another person hits a tennis ball across your far side. How was your backhand?

    Chances are you missed that shot. Similarly, taking a few women’s self defense classes to learn the techniques of self defense would be virtually useless for you in a real life scenario. For this reason, we have always focused on the non-technical aspects of self-defense, emphasizing the mental component. 

  • Most Popular Self Defense for Women
    Most Popular Self Defense for Women
    Aikido and Tai Chi are the two most popular martial arts for women. Aikido has flowing circular techniques that are beautiful, yet quite powerful, and require little strength. Tai chi is similar but uses slow moving forms that emphasize health, similar to our Yoga Classes. Since genuine self defense skills cannot develop outside a continuous practice, consider a 2 week trial of Aikido, Tai Chi and Yoga. The benefits are similar to the single woman's self defense class below.
  • Curriculum for Women's Self Defense Class
    Curriculum for Limited Self Defense Class
    1. Situational awareness and violence prevention. The most effective self defense for someone who is not training regularly in a martial art is how to avoid being attacked. General awareness of the environment with a proper attitude, and lifestyle management to prevent the threat of violence are the first line of self defense. While many methods focus on the attack itself, in reality there is a timeline for an attack that precedes the actual physical event. We look at how you can use prevention and awareness to thwart an attack before it even happens.
    2. Body mechanics to inspire confidence and empowerment. Your body is stronger than you think, if you know how to use it. An attacker’s body is also weaker than you think if you know how the physiology works. So the most efficient method enables you to place your strongest point right on the attacker’s weakest point. We also examine cultural attitudes about women's bodies being primarily for appearance rather than for strength/function, and how changing one's mindset about his can increase body acceptance/empowerment. 
    3. The use of language and voice to improve your own sense of empowerment and safety. 
    4. Examination of how women are socialized to feel disempowered, with attention to examples in the media/entertainment that create a sense of inevitability of women being victims. We learn how to challenge these cultural narratives and create a more empowering personal narrative. 
    5. Introduction to martial arts. This segment educates you on the different martial arts available, should you have an interest in continued study. We offer aikido and tai chi, but other martial arts will be discussed. We have also seen students of yoga reduce their risk of attack through study of the same principles taught in martial arts.
    6.  Immediately following the class is a 1 ½ hour aikido class, which you are encouraged to watch. During the class the instructor will help you to understand the practical application of many of the principles that were taught during your class.

    PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED First Friday Every Month 7:00 - 8:00pm + 5:30 - 7pm optional observe Aikido Class

    Contact us in advance to go over preregistration process.

    Age: 14+
    Cost: $35 for adults; $25 age 14 - 17 (minimum 2 people required - mother may take class for 50%, or $17.50)


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