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Our Mission

The purpose of yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind. Coordinating breathing and movement helps to quiet the mind and strengthen the body. At Still Mind Yoga, we are your haven of peace in busy Westchester County. We are conveniently located on Central Avenue in White Plains. Leave your worries behind and come practice yoga with us. Our community is friendly and welcoming. Our teachers meet you right where you are, and help you to craft a yoga practice that brings you into a greater sense of ease, strength, and joy.


About Us

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Still Mind Yoga and Martial Arts Center in White Plains NY was founded by Steve Kanney and Kim Gold as a place where people could learn all the tools they need for inner peace and health. Still Mind Yoga Center can trace its roots...

Teacher Bios

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Our teachers are all certified by Yoga Alliance. We have carefully chosen seasoned yoga practitioners qualified to conduct a safe, accessible, and peaceful class. Scroll through our teacher bios to learn more about the dedicated staff at Still Mind Yoga in White Plains, NY.