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Park Info for Good Weather:

Weather Alert (Updated 1 hour before class):
Sat Classes - in Park Rain (under gazebo) or Shine (in field).

Sign up required for classes at my house due to limited space.
Free 2 hour parking on Read Ave.

Directions - Please park in the lot and look to the right of the lot and backwards to find class. We will send emissaries or you can call (914) 648-0492 to find us in the park.

Homework Assignments

Adult Aikido Challenge

Go into the library video page.

For 1st kyu and under, practice steps 1-3 & 4-6 on 31 kumijo. 1st kyu if you have extra time, review the question for yudansha below.

Watch: (1) Morihiro Saito Firelight Series eighth video from 33:50, (2) Extensive Youtube Playlist: 31 Kumijo from beginning

Yudansha: Study the block common to step 3 of kumijo #1 and the uke's block in #6 of 31 kumijo.

Watch: (1) Morihiro Saito Firelight Series eighth video from 39:20-41:10, (2) Extensive Youtube Playlist: 31 Kumijo from 2:55, (3) Larson Sensei Minnesota 2016 last video marked 2018. (4) Extensive Youtube Playlist: Kumijo 1-5 from 2:00,

Practice from 1 video/day in front of a mirror imagining you are being attacked. Check if your block is effective. Is there more than 1 way to do it? What are some of the differences?

Adult Tai Chi Challenge

In the library under the video page, go to the Larson 2016 video group and look at the last segment for 2018. At 1:18 Larson Sensei talks about a block. If you haven't gotten into chapter 4 yet, compare that to moving to the right after the 10 step opening of the form. Or for chapter 4, comsider it related to the first strike after the first single whip. What are the similarities in principals?


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