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Indoor/Outdoor/Zoom Accessible Classes

Progams - Aikido (Adult - Kids) & Tai Chi
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    Adult Aikido 30 Degree Temp
  • Space
    Adult Aikido Aiki Sword
  • Space
    Adult Aikido Defense vs. 3 Attackers
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    Tai Chi 1/3
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    Tai Chi 2/3
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    Tai Chi 3/3
Overview Class Structure

Each class segment is "a la carte." People can participate all indoors, all outdoors, all on Zoom, or any combination of segments. Class design will provide a consistent curriculum accessible by any combination of venues. If you have any questions on the right approach for you, please contact us.

Outdoor Venue: 398 Central Ave grassy area tucked behind the parking lot.
WEATHER UPDATE: Outdoor/Zoom only through warmer weather.
Monday 10/26 morning zoom classes due to rain. Check for updates.

Adult Aikido
  • Indoors 45-60 minutes (Zoom accessible/outdoor optional) with masks/no deep breathing
  • Outdoors 15-30 minutes (indoor optional) with aerobic exercise
  • Upon request, longer outdoor ("polar bear") sessions
Kids Aikido
  • Outdoors 15 minutes aerobic exercise
  • Indoors 30 minutes (Zoom Accessible) with masks/no deep breathing
Tai Chi
  • Saturday 8:30am outdoors 30 minutes/indoors 30 minutes (Zoom accessible)
  • Tues 6pm Zoom only
  • Mon daytime & Wed eve indoors/Zoom accessible
Indoor Ventilation Precautions

In addition to the NYS requirments, indoor classes will only included normal breathing, without the deep breathing used in aerobic exercise. Any aerobic exercise is encouraged for short/high intensity outdoor training. In addition, air purifiers with HEPA filters protecting to .3 microns are used during class and afterwards. Their maximum potential specifications indicate the entire center's airspace can be purified approximately every 5 minutes.

We also have a no touch forehead thermometer for optional use - particularly for children who may not know if they have a fever as easily as adults.

Park Directions Weekends

Directions - Ridge Road Park. Please park in the lot and look to the right of the lot and back into the park to find class.

Park Directions Weekdays

Directions for parking by Crestwood Train Station - 2 hour parking allowed in the area.

Homework Assignments

Adult Aikido Challenge

Go into the library video page.

In the Larson Sensei section (top left) video #11 (shihonage), note the connection between hands and hips at these points: 13:40 - 15:50, 18:55-19:00, 35:06-35:55, 45:00-46:15. What key points do you notice?

Adult Tai Chi Challenge

In the library under the video page, go to the Larson 2016 video group and look at the last segment for 2018. At 1:18 Larson Sensei talks about a block. If you haven't gotten into chapter 4 yet, compare that to moving to the right after the 10 step opening of the form. Or for chapter 4, comsider it related to the first strike after the first single whip. What are the similarities in principals?


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