The Best Martial Art for You

People have endless discussions about what is the best martial art. But the simple truth is that there is ultimately no best martial art, only a best martial art for you. Explore the options and reflect...

Note: our facility offers Aikido and Tai Chi.

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The Best Martial Art
Martial Arts Examples Playlist

Different Attributes and Examples

Spirit* Technique** Competition Solo Forms Weapons
Aikido Control Throw No No Yes
Judo Destructive Throw Yes No No
Daito Ryu Jujitsu Destructive Throw No No Yes
Brazilian Jujitsu Destructive Throw Yes No No
Karate Destructive Strike Yes Yes Yes
Kung Fu Destructive Strike Yes Yes Yes
Tai Chi Control Strike Yes Yes Yes
Taekwondo Destructive Strike Yes Yes Yes
MMA Destructive Both Yes No
Weapons Yes Yes Yes
Krav Maga Destructive Both No No No

*Spirit- Initial emphasis on controlling an attacker without harm vs destructive technique. Ultimate goal of all martial arts is control.
**Technique - Empasis on throws, grappling & wrist locks vs strikes

Examples: How to Evaluate

Is Aikido for you?

Aikido as a martial art is unique in its character in many ways. The techniques emphasize throws and pins over strikes. The movements are quite circular in nature, well suited to defend against multiple attacks. Solo forms is limited to weapons training in sword and staff. There is no competition and resistance in partner practice builds gradually with control. Finally, in Aikido the objective from the outset is to control the attacker without unnecessary harm, whereas many other martial arts begin with destructive technique and teach control later on in training.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Health

Tai chi, is taught mainly through solo forms. While strikes are taught, the emphasis again is on controlling the attacker without harm. Tai chi also has the greatest emphasis on health benefits of any martial arts. The student should be well suited to a slow meditative exercise at home that improves well being. A partner practice of competitive push hands can be started later to check the student's understanding of the forms.

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Benefits of Martial Arts

What is Self Defense?

When self defense is narrowly defined, it only offers narrow benefits.

Health and Fitness

Which martial arts are most useful for health and fitness.

For Women

Women may think they can't do martial arts. This is wrong. Aikido & Tai Chi are also common practices.

For Kids

How to select a martial arts program for your child.


The discipline leads to improved efficiency and effectiveness while producing a happier and more peaceful person.

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