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What is Self Defense?

Defining self defense - why focus on violent assault when it is low risk?

Death by Violence less than 1% Risk

Thinking through what you really mean by self defense helps you target greater benefits. The mental discipline of martial arts provides "self-defense" against many threats such as health and accidents and makes the self defense against violence more effective.

Aikido Master Teaches MMA Champion

MMA is a widespread televised cultural phenomena. But as a martial art, it is but one obscure way to test one’s skills. For most Americans, it is a health risk to enter cage fighting. But by watering down the practice for most Americans, you risk losing stress testing that produces the key benefits of the practice.

Still Mind Aikido Kids

Children explore all sorts of programs when they are young. But martial arts is unique in that it also plants important seeds. In addition to self defense, it also prepares them for life by improving confidence, discipline and teaching peaceful resolutions to conflicts among others.

Many women in our cultural have been conditioned to think of themselves as helpless victims. This is just wrong. The reason martial arts started was so the weaker person can successfully defend themselves. Aikido and Tai Chi are among the most popular martial arts for women.

Aikido for Women's Self Defense

Generally, about 3 hours per week is sufficient. Our extensive schedule makes that easier and you practice can in your own home as well. But commitment is important. Then training makes you more efficient in daily life so investing some time now gives you more time later.

In our center we teach Aikido, Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation. Three are recommended by the Mayo Clinic for stress reduction and they work from different angles. Talk with us about the approach that is best for you.

The best form of exercise for you is the one that you do - as opposed to the one that you will never do. That said, martial arts training can improve health more by teaching relaxation in the midst of activity. Tai Chi in particular is known for health benefits.

Obviously checking with your doctor is important. But generally, you adjust the practice and only do the things that improve your health. You avoid practices that harm. Tai Chi has a strong emphasis on health. We think of it as "meditation in motion," but the Harvard Medical School calls it "medication in motion." Some people find you can build yourself up to do more than expected.

The essence of martial arts is an ethical response to an attack. Aikido and Tai Chi in particular focus on minimizing harm to an attacker right from the beginning of practice.

Benefits for Daily Life

When we drive a car to work, ride a bike, or even walk up and down stairs, we are actually putting ourselves to some degree at risk. No one can avoid the possibility of danger.

Martial arts training is designed to help us relax as we face danger so we can find the most effective way out of trouble.

We have had a number of students - adults and children - report they have avoided car accidents, and safely rolled out of bike accidents and even down stairs.

Traditional martial arts teach relaxation during stress testing to insure people get this benefit. Self defense classes or MMA that only focus on technique may not provide this benefit.

Benefits for Daily Life

Human beings are social animals by nature. We have relationships with friends, family, workplace, etc. When we have relationships with others, we invariably run into conflicts...usually more often than we would like.

If you think about martial arts training, it is not about dealing with someone who enjoys the feeling of their fist pounding another's body. No one enjoys that. It is about dealing with conflicts, and resolving them peacefully.

In martial arts, you learn to be peaceful in the midst of strife, and communicate that peace to an attacker. The attacker then finds their own balance and their peace is restored. Applied to daily life, your relationships with everyone can be improved.

Traditional martial arts teach relaxation and peace in the midst of violence. Self defense classes or MMA that only focus on technique may not provide this benefit.