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Progams - Aikido (Adult - Kids) & Tai Chi
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    Adult Aikido 30 Degree Temp
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    Adult Aikido Aiki Sword
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    Adult Aikido Defense vs. 3 Attackers
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    Tai Chi 1/3
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    Tai Chi 2/3
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    Tai Chi 3/3
Overview Class Structure

Each class segment is "a la carte." People can participate all indoors, all outdoors, all on Zoom, or any combination of segments. Class design will provide a consistent curriculum accessible by any combination of venues. If you have any questions on the right approach for you, please contact us.

Weather Alert
1/16/21 Tai Chi online due to rain.

Adult Aikido
  • Indoors 45-60 minutes segment (Zoom accessible/outdoor optional) with masks/no deep breathing followed by...
  • Outdoors 15-30 minutes (indoor optional) with aerobic exercise
Kids Aikido
  • Outdoors 15 minutes aerobic exercise segment followed by...
  • Indoors 30 minutes (Zoom Accessible) with masks/no deep breathing
  • Mon-Wed-Fri 5:30pm Zoom only
Tai Chi
  • Sat, Mon 8:30am; Wed 6:30pm Indoors (Zoom accessible) 30 minutes form instruction segment followed by...
  • Outdoors 30 minutes form practice
  • Tues 6pm Zoom only

Video Sampler

Adult Aikido
Class Sampler
Kids Aikido
Class Sampler
Tai Chi
Tai Chi
Video Coming Soon
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Pricing for All Programs

Inquires: (914) 648-0492

Program Price Classes/Week
New Student Specials Unlimited aikido, tai chi, yoga 2 weeks for $25 21
Aikido Adults $110/Month 14
Aikido Kids 12+ $95/Month 14
Aikido Kids 4 - 12 $95/Month 3-5
Tai Chi Unlimited $100 4
Tai Chi 1x/Week $75/Month Any 1
Yoga Unlimited $104/Month 3-4
Privates $100/Hour
Family Pricing - Adults / Kids Inquire: 50% off yoga, tai chi, aikido
Work Exchange Available
Scholarships/Sliding Scale Available

Payment Methods

Our focus on premises should be on training, not paying for classes. For that reason we appreciate your using the below payment methods off premises as much as possible.


Automated monthly billpay from your bank: Integrated Peace Arts, 122 Crestwood Ave, Yonkers, NY 10707.

  • Google Wallet
  • Paypal must specify "friends / family" with no fees
Checks / Cash

Of course we accept cash and checks on site.


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