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Aikido Westchester NY

The Martial Art of Peace


Aikido Westchester NY: Schedule - Cost

Full & Individual Program Schedules

Regular Dues

Pricing Schedule & Package Discounts for All Programs

Individual/Family Packages: Spend > $100/Month, Every Additional Program 50% Off
Call with Questions (914) 648-0492

Program Price
New Student Specials Unlimited aikido, tai chi, yoga 2 weeks for $25
Aikido Adults $110/Month
Aikido Kids 12+ $85/Month
Aikido Kids 4 - 12 $75/Month
Tai Chi Unlimited $100
Tai Chi 1x/Week $75/Month
Yoga Unlimited $104/Month
Privates $100/Hour
Family Pricing - Adults / Kids Inquire: 50% off yoga, tai chi, aikido
Work Exchange Available
Scholarships/Sliding Scale Available

Payment Methods

Our focus on premises should be on training, not paying for classes. For that reason we appreciate your using the below payment methods off premises as much as possible.


Automated monthly billpay from your bank is appreciated as it simplifies our billing process. Send the check to Integrated Peace Arts, 168 Bell Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583.


Paypal can be used simply by sending to friends / family from your account to our email address. Please inquire for correct address.

Checks / Cash

Of course we accept cash and checks on site.