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Tai Chi and Taekwondo Compared

Would you like Taekwondo? A Karate master was asked what is the best martial art. He mentioned a different one. His student asked, "then why do you teach Karate?" He said, "I'm in it for the victim." Do you like fast forms, linear punches and high kicks, a lot of stretching and sparring? Taekwondo may be for you, although Karate and Kung Fu are similar.

Taekwondo Training Westchester NY

Taekwondo is the most recent of the modern Asian martial arts. Taekwondo developed via a combination of Karate and indigenous Korean martial arts, emphasizing competition, katas and striking similarly. However, Taekwondo also emphasizes kicks, especially high kicks. Taekwondo classes in Westchester are similar to Karate in that they may include stretching, basic movements, forms and competition. Quite often, Taekwondo training is partnered with Hapkido, a Korean martial art that developed from Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu, and thus shares the same roots as Aikido. Application of self defense technique may also derive from Hapkido. While Taekwondo itself emphasizes external (hard) power and teaches destructive technique initially followed by control, partnering with Hapkido may change this dynamic. Weapons use in Taekwondo is an additional element of practice. Exercise is often aerobic.

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Taekwondo Classes: Westchester Availability

In Westchester County, Taekwondo is available Northern Scarsdale, Mount Vernon as well as White Plains and possibly New Rochelle and Yonkers.