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Westchester NY

adult aikido classes
Adult Aikido Classes

Aikido is a complete martial art that teaches self defense, improves health and learning to fall. It is noncompetitive and seeks to minimize harm to an attacker right from the beginning of training.

Adult Aikido Class
tai chi chuan classes
Tai Chi Class

Tai chi is the martial art with the greatest focus on health. It uses the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is widely recommended by western medicine. Self defense is emphasized as well.

Tai Chi Classes
kids aikido classes
Kids Aikido Classes

Aikido is noncompetitive, minimizing harm to an attacker right from the beginning of training. As is traditional for Aikido in Japan, play is used as a developmentally appropriate method of learning.

Kids Aikido Class
Women's Self Defense Classes
Women's Self Defense Classes

The best defense is just don't be there. The emphasis for this class is HOW not to be there.

womens self defense
yoga classes
Yoga Classes

The focus of all yoga classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality.

Yoga Classes
Mindful Life Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Martial arts training naturally incorporates the behavioral sciences to change diet, lifestyle and relationship with food.

weight loss