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Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga

Aikido, Tai Chi & Yoga Classes

Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga

Aikido, Tai Chi & Yoga Classes

Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga

Aikido, Tai Chi & Yoga Classes

small woman gains confidence learning self defense against a large opponentBill
small woman gains confidence learning self defense against a large opponentphoto by Bill Aquino

Still Mind Martial Arts

Our mission is to promote peace in the midst of action through Aikido as a traditional Japanese Martial Art as well as similar disciplines such as Tai Chi & Yoga. With these principles, people learn to make better decisions under pressure, to resolve conflicts peacefully and reduce chances of harm in an attack.

young woman
Sabrina (Mid 20's)

What I found doing aikido and tai chi for over two years now was the perfect balance of working out the body and mind. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident...

family man
Jason (Mid 40's)

...[My family has] all grown immeasurably from our practice of Aikido at Still Mind. I have made life long friends, here and abroad...and have learned more about myself and about how to manage the difficult situations of life...

police officer
Rick (Age 50)

...Starting my 29th year in my law enforcement career...I have learned that Aikido is not only for self-defense in the physical environment but also offense when dealing with different co-workers, bosses, who sometimes create stress onto others...

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learning to relax and make good decisions under pressure
adult aikido

Adult Aikido

Our style of Aikido, unique to Westchester, has a strong foundation in basics, progressing to the highest forms of martial arts training. We are known for an emphasis on weapons.

kids aikido

Kids Aikido

A fund exercise that builds confidence, focus and discipline. Aikido as a martial art resonates best with children who want to defend themselves without hurting others.

tai chi chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art which emphasizes health sometimes as much as self defense. It is known as an internal martial art.



Yoga classes for adults and children with a variety of instructors. The focus of all classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality

Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense

The best defense is just don't be there. The emphasis for this class is HOW not to be there.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our weight loss classes use the principles of martial arts training and the behavioral sciences to change lifestyle and produce lasting shifts in weight and a changed relationship with food.

News: International Aikido Demonstration 2019

Larson’s Group Including 5 Members of our Dojo Represent the USA

The Aikikai Foundation under the grandson of the founder of Aikido, in an obvious nod to Mark Larson Sensei’s skill and knowledge, requested his group represent the United States for the 2019 All Japan Aikido Demonstration. Five members of our dojo were part of his group.

The Venue
The Venue
The Program
The Program
The People
The People
woman enjoying learning aikido and building confidence

About Still Mind Martial Arts

We are dedicated to bringing the most advanced instruction in martial arts training. In Aikido, we have been recognized by Aikikai World Headquarters in Japan since our inception in 2003. In 2019, Aikikai World Headquarters asked our supervising instructor, Mark Larson Sensei, to demonstrate Aikido representing the practice for all of the US. Five of our members were in that demonstration.

In Tai Chi, we train in a complete Yang Style 108 move form. We studied with Master Yu, perhaps the strongest Tai Chi practitioner in the NY region before his passing in 2010.

Steve Kanney began martial arts training in 1972, with over 40 years in Aikido and 20 years in Tai Chi.

Necessary Ingredients of a
Martial Arts School

self defense Techniques should Work
Techniques Work
senior martial art students should help Juniors
Seniors Help Juniors
martial arts students should enjoy themselves
People Enjoy Themselves
3 photos by Bill Aquino

The Best Martial Art for You

While we only offer classes in Aikido & Tai Chi with Kung Fu, consider: There is no best martial art...only a best martial art for you. Which martial art best fits your disposition?

mma westchester

MMA - Widely popularized through TV, MMA is simply a vehicle to test any martial art in a restricted combat mode. The question is whether to study many styles loosely or one to two styles well.

aikido westchester

Aikido - The martial art of peace. Discover how compassion is the source of strength as you use the opponent's force against them.

ta chi westchester

Tai Chi for health and self defense as well. Health benefits come through training as self defense.

king fu westchester

Kung Fu - The original striking martial art. Sophisticated and diverse with many styles and an emphasis on striking.

karate westchester

Karate - Kung Fu migrated through the Okinawan Islands to mainland Japan as Karate. Emphasis on striking and sparring.

taekwondo westchester

Taekwondo - the migration continued to Korea where Karate fused with indigenous Korean arts and is known for high kicks.

judo westchester

Judo was developed from many ancient styles of Jujitsu and turned into a sport. Emphasis is on throwing and submission grappling.

jiu jitsu westchester

Jiu Jitsu - The original empty hand martial art of Japan was formed by the Samurai for self defense when unarmed. Over 1,000 years breeds many traditions.


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