Why Practice Martial Arts?

From developing peace within, all other benefits flow.


What connects all programs?
thread connecting all programs
What is a still mind?
what is a still mind

Who We Are

Lineage is time tested method of quality control to insure an instructor is qualified to deliver the benefits you seek.
Great masters signal to each generation which students embody both the physical training and character to carry forward the tradition.

Morihiro Saito
Traditional Aikido Lineage

Aikido began with the founder, one of the great martial artists of all time. Our dojo is unique in the NY area as it traces its roots directly to the founder's exact system of training of both empty hand and weapons.

Aikido Instructor
Master Yu
Tai Chi Lineage

Tai chi is an older and more fragmented martial art than Aikido. Master Yu trained with a 2nd generation disciple of the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi, one of the great martial artists of all time.

Tai Chi Instructor

Since 2003, servicing the Westchester community with some of the best available martial arts training methods in our respective styles.

Our Westchester Classes

Helping to achieve benefits with well designed training methods.

adult aikido classes
Adult Aikido Classes

Aikido is a complete martial art that teaches self defense, improves health and learning to fall. It is noncompetitive and seeks to minimize harm to an attacker right from the beginning of training.

Adult Aikido Class
tai chi chuan classes
Tai Chi Class

Tai chi is the martial art with the greatest focus on health. It uses the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is widely recommended by western medicine. Self defense is emphasized as well.

Tai Chi Classes
kids aikido classes
Kids Aikido Classes

Aikido is noncompetitive, minimizing harm to an attacker right from the beginning of training. As is traditional for Aikido in Japan, play is used as a developmentally appropriate method of learning.

Kids Aikido Class
Women's Self Defense Classes
Women's Self Defense Classes

The best defense is just don't be there. The emphasis for this class is HOW not to be there.

womens self defense
yoga classes
Yoga Classes

The focus of all yoga classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality.

Yoga Classes
Mindful Life Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Martial arts training naturally incorporates the behavioral sciences to change diet, lifestyle and relationship with food.

weight loss

Comparing Alternative Martial Arts

"Martial arts are not about fighting. It is a way of life." - Bruce Lee. Only when martial arts are a way of life can the benefits you seek can be achieved.

Visiting Our Westchester Facility

inside dojo

Adult Aikido has 12 classes early morning, evenings, daytime and weekends. Children have 5 classes per week. Tai chi has 4 classes evenings, daytime and weekends.

Scarsdale Location

Classes are indoors in Scarsdale, outdoors in Scarsdale and Crestwood, and Tai Chi is available online as well as in person.

outdoor venue

As a nonprofit, our mission is to make classes available for those sincerely interested in training. Our rates are not high, sliding scale is possible as well as a generous family discount.