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  • Applying the Principles of Aikido to Combat Terrorismby Steve Kanney

    First let us look at the enemy, so to speak. I heard of a story on a Muslim talk show where a 3 year old child was interviewed. The subject was how the child felt about Jews. While you might expect the interviewer to be objective and the child fairly normal, instead the child was […]

  • Global Community/Global Challenges Part I by Steve Kanney

    Before taking a close look at the global community, we should first consider how we can best work with our challenges. We know that  the world has grown smaller. We no longer view governments by nation, but by blocks of nations. Industry spawned the truly global corporation and communication around the world via the internet […]

  • On Power by Steve Kanney

    Let’s look at power for a moment. Power in the animal world may come mainly from physical strength. But as humans, as soon as we emphasized intelligence, physical power became obsolete. In the context of human existance, we will look at two types of power – authentic and temporal. Consider for example Stalin and Mohatma […]

  • On Money by Steve Kanney

    Money is an important aspect of our society that lubricates the wheels of commerce. Looking at the history of barter and the gold standard, fiat currency is clearly better. In this sense money is undeniably a good thing. But our culture revolves around the accumulation of money, so how important should we view it in […]

  • The State of the World: The Legal System by Steve Kanney

    In this blog we will take an approach that is more casual and looks to relate Aikido principles to our experience in daily life. We will start out observing the state of our world and comparing it to the principles of Aikido noting the differences. Later we will move into more practical individual problems in […]