Application of Aikido Principles in Daily Life by Masato Tani

I had started Aikido by chance, after my children had started taking class several years ago. My prior experience with martial arts was limited, few years of Shorinji Kempo when I had lived in Osaka. Aikido had started as exercise and stress reliever when I had recently changed career, it had been a very stressful […]

Just Some Ways That Studying Aikido Informs My Living by Dmitry Dinces

In thinking about applying principle of Aikido away from the mat, I am reminded of how some of the basic tenants of my daily practice have become a part of my world view. It is perhaps not so surprising after all, considering that Aikido is in a sense a very organic, natural application of simple […]

Aikido and Entrepreneurship by Gregory Temkin

I am an entrepreneur. As scholars define it, an entrepreneur is a person who is constantly on the look for opportunities, identifies them promptly, becomes the drive for the business idea and the team, and uses these opportunities to create a positive result. If an opportunity does not present itself, he is to lay ground for it, help […]

The Making of a Daityo-ryu Seminar – An interview with Cliff Muniz

What gave you the idea to have a seminar with Roy Goldberg ? Actually it wasn’t my idea for the seminar, it was  my Aikido instructor, Kanney Sensei who set that up. I met Goldberg Sensei at one of my physical therapy sessions for a tendonitis injury I sustained during my Aikido practice. I remember sitting […]

Training and Etiquette by Gregory Temkin

What is the right way to purport oneself in an Aikido dojo? Every one joining the Aikido community wants to learn about the etiquette. This information is scarce, while etiquette rules may vary considerably from dojo to dojo, even within Takemusu schools. Certain etiquette stipulations, observed strictly in other schools, may not be emphasized at […]