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Yoga and Thyroid Conditions by Matt Fass

There are ways in which Yoga can positively effect the different systems of the body. The endocrine system, which is responsible for secreting hormones into the bloodstream, is made up in part by the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland controls the rate at which our bodies use energy, make protein, and it also controls the body's sensitivity to various hormones. So to sum up, it's got a pretty important job...

Avoiding Yoga Injuries by Kim Gold, MS

Any physical endeavor has the risk of injury, and yoga is no exception. A well-trained yoga teacher will help you to avoid injury in the following three ways:

- improve somatic awareness...

Finding your Yoga by Kim Gold, MS

The way I see it, your hour of yoga class is a place to find peace. The world is full of stress, fear, and all kinds of disturbances. I don't see any need introduce more of that into the yoga class than is already present in our lives...

Yoga and Boredom by Kim Gold, MS

Yoga is moving meditation. One of the reasons why I started practicing yoga and Aikido more seriously was because I had started Zen meditation and was struggling with boredom and a chattering mind...

Still Mind Yoga & the Business of Yoga by Steve Kanney, CFA

How does one reconcile running a business to make money, when that business (yoga) teaches one to eschew materialism?

I can only say when we launched our White Plains operation in 2015, I was glad we had some experience in this area...

Obstructions to Practice: Value of Classes, Class Size by Steve Kanney

I would like to talk here about a couple of common obstacles to practice: Distraction of class size as it affects the perception of quality of instruction, and yoga and the consumer mentality....

What Makes an Advanced Yogi by Kim Gold, MS

All of our classes here at Still Mind Yoga are open level. That means that the students will be a mixture of day one beginners and seasoned practitioners. Beginners are always welcome to all classes, and all of our teachers are skilled at teaching classes with variations and modifications to accommodate the spectrum of students. The definition of "advanced" vs. "beginner" isn't something that can be defined by one's ability to do physically challenging postures. Also, the focus of the yoga path is on advancement of character and promoting peace, so mixing experienced and inexperienced practitioners makes sense...

Holding Space; The Yoga Teacher's Role by Kim Gold, MS

Much of my work as a yoga teacher involves the act of holding space. One would think that a yoga teacher would spend more time creating sequences, studying up on poses, anatomy, or other tangibles like that. The way I see it, the bedrock of a yoga class is how well the teacher can hold space for the students....

Getting Injured in Yoga by Kim Gold, MS

In the yoga community, there can sometimes be a halo around yoga that states that yoga---done properly---can only be beneficial. This type of thinking goes....

Strengthen the Core with a Slow Vinyasa Yoga Class by Kim Gold, MS

If you search, you can find many styles of yoga such as power yoga, core yoga, core vinyasa yoga, yogalates, and even other core themed fitness classes such pilates, etc. What do these all have in common? Not surprisingly, development of the core....


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