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My Story
kim gold

I practice and teach yoga because it has been supremely useful in transforming me from a chronically anxious person to a happier and more peaceful person. I’ve chosen to make it my life’s work to share the fruits of this practice with others.

I believe that some people are simply wired toward the anxious end of the spectrum. The yogic tradition teaches that we have energetic patterns that follow us from lifetime to lifetime (samskaras). Anxiety was one of my samskaras. As a child, I intuitively discovered that when I moved my body I felt much calmer. As a result, I spent my childhood running and playing tennis. When I was 14. I discovered yoga by way of public television--it was the 80’s and there wasn’t yet a yoga school in every town. I practiced along with Lilias Folan on PBS, and with a book in my room. As an adult, I studied more formally with many teachers. But as a teenager prone to panic attacks and chronic anxiety, I knew that the yogic practices of breathing and moving the body into specific poses could profoundly shift energy and cultivate a more peaceful state.

I’ve traveled many roads toward personal development, including the formal study of Zen Buddhism, over a decade of martial arts training, Jungian work, and a Master’s degree in psychology. But I have turned to yoga again and again as a practical self-help technology that offers both immediate and long-term results. I can say with absolute confidence that yoga works, and I am honored to share the practice.

How I Am Different

I am a registered yoga teacher and the co-owner of Still Mind Martial Arts & Yoga where I teach group classes. However in my private practice, I focus on the therapeutic application of yoga in a one to one setting. I combine my academic background (M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy) with my decades of yoga training to craft an individualized plan to help people who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, emotional eating, trauma, ADHD, and more. This work is not meant to be a substitute for professional psychological help or medication, but rather an adjunct.

One of the most powerful attributes of yoga is that it is as close to you as your own breath. When you practice yogic techniques, you’ll always have an accessible tool in your toolkit to cope with the difficulties of life.

A typical therapeutic yoga session with me consists of a few minutes of checking in via discussion, an asana practice tailored to your physical, spiritual, and mental needs, a guided deep relaxation, a few minutes of silent meditation, and a brief closing discussion to help take your practice into your daily life. I ask that you commit to at least 10 minutes of home practice daily. I work either in my studio or in your home.

Work With Me

My rate is $100 a session, typically consisting of 75 minutes. Travel time for up to 10 miles from my home in Scarsdale, NY is included.

I also work through the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Integrated Peace Arts (IPA). As such, I offer a sliding scale for those in need. Contact me for details.

My Credentials
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T. 200), Atmananda Yoga, New York, NY.
  • Yoga for Children: Karma Kids Yoga, New York, NY
  • Yoga for Children with Special Needs: Every Kids’ Yoga, Karma Kids Yoga, New York, NY
  • M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Black belt in Aikido (Iwama style): Aikido Westchester NY
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