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This section is designed to help you evaluate which martial art is best for you. Our facility, however, only provides instruction in Aikido and Tai Chi. We are located on the outskirts of White Plains with a separate parking facility to make travel from Yonkers, New Rochelle and the Bronx convenient.

Where is Reality in Self Defense Classes?

You spend hours every week learning how to defend yourself. You practice techniques over and over again. But somehow the training methods never seem to look like what will happen in the real world. Karate involves sparring, but you can’t kick below the waist. Who would want to kick above the waist? Judo involves full out resistance, but no one punches. Aikido deals with all sorts of strikes and grabs, but resistance is limited in the beginning only to stopping the execution of the technique without trying to counter. Mixed martial arts uses strikes and grappling, but unlike Aikido there are many rules and no defense against weapons or multiple attackers. So how do you know whether any of this will work out in the real world?

The Simple Truth about Self Defense

The truth is very simple: if you understand the principle that underlies the martial arts you select, your art will be extremely effective. With a thorough realization of these principles, one cannot be defeated. If you don’t understand these principles, the effectiveness of the art is based upon luck. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t.

Well, developing a thorough realization is extremely difficult, and with limited chances for success, why bother? The answer lies in the track that leads towards ultimate success, and fortunately can be applied to the dual purposes of martial arts training: effective self defense and happiness in life. We will focus mainly on the self defense aspect in this article, but increasing your happiness in life as well is a wonderful by-product.

How Self Defense Works

The first line of self defense is simply not to get into a violent situation for starters. While training in technique, the training methods also foster a greater sense of peace as well as awareness. When we are peaceful as opposed to angry, we will not draw violent people into our lives. To the extent we are genuinely disinterested in violence, those who are violent will find other partners for their troubling ways. By becoming more aware, we can spot danger and avoid it earlier in the process. We also tend to become more confident and relaxed. Those with violent intentions typically avoid those sorts of individuals.

Through training in technique, should our efforts to avoid violence fail, we can develop greater skill and increase our chances of survival. Technical skills that come more reflexively through practice have a better chance of working. Through training repetitively and various stress testing methods, all martial arts improve our abilities to react quickly and decisively when needed. Of course, our reactions will be heavily colored by our understanding of principle at the moment of the attack, and so lacking a full understanding can leave wide openings. Careful study of these principles can lead to the closing of these openings. So there is a gradual trajectory of improvement in our ability to defend ourselves. We never quite know what will happen, what we will be up against or how things will turn out, and so we can only do our best. But our best can improve through all of these training methods.

Added Benefit

As for finding happiness, training in martial arts generally creates an improving trajectory in a similar fashion as we described in self defense skills. Since we really want to be happy above all, improvements in this area are not exactly a consolation prize in the event we don’t defend ourselves as well as we hoped. In fact, it is precisely what we seek in life. As it turns out, learning to defend ourselves in the most efficient possible manner is precisely the means of our finding happiness as well. So the answer is that the sooner we begin, the sooner we can start finding positive results. Any martial art that appeals to our personality and disposition can produce these results.

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