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Aikido Westchester NY:

The Martial Art of Peace

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Still Mind Aikido Westchester NY:

The Martial Art of Peace

Still Mind Aikido Westchester NY

Martial Art of Peace

Morihiro Saito Aikido Master

Aikido Westchester NY Dojo

Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art that teaches compassion as the foundation for self defense. Conflicts are best resolved before violence erupts. The goal is not to defeat an opponent, but to change their spirit in a positive way. But should violence begin, Aikido teaches strategies such as returning the hostility to the attacker in the form of a throw or pin. The philosophy of Aikido can be used in all areas of life.

Aikido Westchester NY is affiliated with the main Aikido headquarters in Tokyo and follows in the powerful lineage of Morihiro Saito Sensei. Our Westchester dojo is supervised via the Takemusu Aikido Association.

Aikido Westchester NY is conveniently located with its own parking facility to serve the lower Westchester County region in areas such as Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, Mount Vernon and the Bronx.

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Still Mind Tai Chi & Original QiGong

Master Yu Yang Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Chi Gung are the martial art that is best known for its health benefits. But to gain the greatest health benefit, understanding the martial aspects can be very helpful. The slow movements allows one to inspect the same stances and postures as used in Aikido, and importantly develop the muscle memory to use these stances as needed. For this reason, the combination of both practices is quite useful for some.

Yang style Tai Chi is practiced in a manner more closely aligned with "old Yang style," closer to the original form. During practice of the Tai Chi form, the upper body is relaxed while the legs are fully engaged. Ultimately in Tai Chi as a martial art, force must be used, but one must learn how to control it properly. Benefits include increased energy, balance stronger legs, etc.

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Benefits of Aikido, Tai Chi & Martial Arts

Morihiro Saito Aikido Throw

Aikido - Martial Arts for Self Defense

Which is the best martial art for self defense - Karate, Jiu Jitsu, MMA? Or is there a best martial art? If self defense in Westchester NY is your goal, this question is key.

Tai Chi - Martial Arts for Health and Fitness

Tai Chi stands out as the martial art with the greatest emphasis on health. How can one use Aikido, Karate or other martial arts training to improve their condition?

Aikido, Tai Chi - Martial Arts for Discipline

We all seek to be effective in our efforts and happy in life. Yet we undermine ourselves at every turn. How can martial arts philosophy help?

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About Aikido, Tai Chi & Martial Arts

  • Morihiro Saito Aikido Self Defense

    Aikido Styles

    In the days of Aikido Founder Morehei Ueshiba, Aikido was simply his style. Today...

  • Woman Aikido throw

    Women in Martial Arts

    Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido are two of the more popular martial arts for women.

  • Kids martial arts

    Martial Arts for Kids

    Selecting a martial art for children is slightly different than for an adult.

  • Morihiro Saito Aikido sitting

    Are Martial Arts Ethical

    Do martial arts teach violence or peace? How is our Westchester community impacted?

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Our Westchester Classes

  • aikido calligraphy
  • aikido calligraphy
  • aikido calligraphy
  • aikido calligraphy
  • Adult Aikido

    Our style of Aikido, unique to Westhester, has a strong foundation in basics, progressing to the highest forms of martial arts training. We are known for an emphasis on weapons.

  • Kids Aikido

    Aikido has benefits for children, as opposed to other martial arts. Selecting a martial art for a child is somewhat different than for an adult.

  • Yoga

    Yoga classes for adults and children with a variety of instructors. The focus of all classes are stilling the mind to develop greater peace and improved health / vitality

  • Weight Loss

    Our weight loss classes use the principles of martial arts training and the behavioral sciences to change lifestyle and produce lasting shifts in weight and a changed relationship with food.

  • Tai Chi

    Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art which emphasizes health sometimes as much as self defense. It is known as an internal martial art.

  • Chi Gung

    "Original QiGong" (Chi Kung), is a non-violent Martial Art, that provides a means of re-connection with the original Source of Creation through movement, stillness and an easy, daily practice.

  • Meditation

    Meditation classes are offered once a month in Chinese Zen. Other classes may be available in the future.

  • Women's Self Defense

    Our women's self defense and exercise class is based upon Aikido and grappling techniques.

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The Best Martial Art for You


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